Every soul yearns for the light, and will find a way to grow toward it. No matter what the obstacles, the soul will find its way upward just as a blade of grass will sometimes grow through a slab of concrete.

What follows is taken from the journal of a young woman who lives in an area where it is nearly impossible for young women to find a quality education. For the sake of safety we will call her by her initial, S. Like that blade of grass, she found her way through difficult circumstances to join the online version of Ananda’s Living Wisdom High School led Nayaswami Nitai and other teachers. These excerpts, used with her permission, describe a small slice of her journey.

7th Feb. 2023: Today at 6:45 I had received an email from Sir Nitai. He asked me to introduce myself and how I found this school. Now it’s 12:17, and I am sending my response with so much anticipation. I will keep these words in my mind: “I won’t lose my heart and hope. I will remain hopeful since life without hope means nothing.”


7th Feb. 2023: 1:06 p.m. Yay! Hurray! I can’t express how excited I am. I am going to have an interview with Sir Nitai and Mrs. Kathy tomorrow at 10 a.m. my time. Although I am so much excited, I am not sure what will happen after the interview. Ah, if only I could go into the future, I would have loved to see what it looks like. Am I ever going to achieve my goals? Well, I hope so.

8th Feb. 2023: 9:50 a.m. I am a little anxious because I really want to get into school again. I miss how amazing it feels to study with passion. I better get even more ready for the interview. Just three minutes I have to calm my nerves.

8th Feb. 2023: 10:50 a.m. I can’t believe it; my interview was beyond my imagination. I loved how they made me feel valued. Oh my God, it was wonderful. Well, it seems unbelievable, but it is true: “I GOT INTO THE SCHOOL.” Haha, it’s amazing! It seems like I was wrong that I don’t deserve good things. Maybe good things will come eventually. I should start working on my application. P.S. My little sister will also join the Life Skill Course. It is wonderful to see her happy.

9th Feb. 2023: 12:39 p.m. I GOT ACCEPTED! Living Wisdom will indeed help me turn my dreams into reality. I am crying because of pure joy. This is a great feeling. I will work really hard because I want to make my sweet mother proud and fulfill my cute siblings’ wishes.

13th Feb. 2023: 8:50 p.m. Before my first-ever class at school, I was invited to the staff meeting. I really wanted to meet my teachers! Ah, this internet is so frustrating! This package of internet is really cruel.

27th Feb. 2023: 12:23. I really want to cry. Not only did I get into school, but I am also going to receive internet support. I am grateful for everything. My classes are absolutely perfect! I love spending the whole day doing my homework, actively engaging with what I am learning, and my extracurricular activities. Unlike the past, everything is fun now. It looks like I had truly lost my mind back then.

15th April 2023: It is very interesting. I was always yearning for graduation but now I don’t want to finish school sooner. I have a meeting with my dearest Sir Nitai about future plans. I know he will figure out a way for me to continue my studies. I am so grateful. Evening: I am applying to UoP. I am not very anxious, maybe because I believe good things will happen.

2nd June 2023: Last night I had my Self-Expression and Communication class. My teacher and classmates were bidding me farewell. They said things they had observed in me—I had never known I had those qualities. It is time to step into the next chapter of life.

15th June 2023: The first day of college class was indeed amazing!

30th June 2023: My dear Mrs. Mirabai and her kind husband helped me buy a laptop. As the previous owner of this laptop said, this laptop had brought him so much luck. Haha, I hope it does the same for me. It is more convenient and is very helpful. I am thanking you in my heart, my dear teacher. I hope you will feel how much you made me happy.

14th July 2023: 8:22 a.m. Today is a rare day that I open my eyes to the golden rays of the beautiful sun rather than starting my day with sharp words from a certain family member. Then, I saw an email that was unbelievable yet true. I was asked if I would like to work as a teacher assistant in World Religions.

1st August 2023: I received a message from Aryavan if I wanted to join EFL teacher training. I was more than interested in joining. I really want to discover why my teachers were working more on us to reach our highest potential than on the curriculum. At the same time, students in our schools have more wisdom. It is very intriguing.

6th Sept. 2023: First day of school. Now I come back to school as an assistant teacher. It is very exciting.

31st Jan. 2024: I got my first salary, $412. It feels so good to be financially independent. I will try even harder. I spend some of it on buying new jackets for all of my siblings and a dress for my mother. I also ordered pizza and chicken wings as per my little brother’s wish. I gifted a few things to my little, innocent, orphan students. So funny, but they wished I keep earning money so that I could spend it on them. I plan to save the remaining part of my salary for my education.

7th Feb. 2024: It has been a year now. Everything changes it is true. My life one year ago was much different from now. I am a college freshman with a CGPA of 3.95 so far. I volunteered to work as an English teacher in an online school to help my country’s sisters. At the same time, I am in the EFL training program and working together with Mrs. Kathy in the World Religions class.

This is a little longer than our normal blogs, but I doubt that you’ve minded. I’m sure that you’ve felt, as I did, that God’s love and light have found their way into your heart and soul.

In the love of God,

Nayaswami Jyotish